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This is an example of one of the award winning restoration projects completed prior to the establishment of Partsmade. An extract from Humber’s 1903 catalogue: “Motor cycling has rapidly become very popular both for business and pleasure. Nothing is more delightful or exhilarating than this new means of transit. Distances can be accomplished which are not possible to the ordinary cyclist, or which can only be ridden at great fatigue from a social point of view, too, it offers many advantages, as a gentleman is able to take a lady friend distances previously unattainable. The Humber Olympia Motor Tandem is particularly an ideal vehicle for two riders. All the control is in the hands of the rear rider, whilst the passenger is in the front out of reach of dust or of the exhaust gases, and conversation is easy”.

1903 Humber Olympia Tandem as found.
Showing the same machine at the “Dry Build” stage, ready for paint and Nickel plating.
The completed Olympia Tandem ready for the road. This machine would have cost 85 guineas when new in 1903 and the lamps and horn would have had to be purchased separately.